Nivārana: System design and implementation focused on rapid response to epidemics

Communicable disease surveillance was identified as one of the most important activity in responding to disease outbreaks. Early recognition of impending outbreaks followed by rapid response is the key for controlling communicable diseases in a community. Nivārana is a communicable disease surveillance and analysis system focused on swift data collection, efficient data processing and rapid information dissemination in order to control and prevent the spread communicable diseases. While other electronic disease surveillance initiatives and systems focus on data collection and analysis, we believe that swift information dissemination also plays a significant role in responding to disease outbreaks. The system is designed based on the object oriented methodology and implemented based on java technologies and using free and open source software libraries and tools. The system is designed with minimum implementation and recurrent costs which is critical for developing countries like Sri Lanka. As the name suggests Nivārana is conceptualized with the saying “Prevention is better than cure” and will no doubt is a lifesaver for many innocent people.